How to Block Facebook Game Requests

So I still see a lot of people who post on Facebook, asking NOT to be invited to Candy Crush, or Words with Friends, or some other annoying game that suddenly becomes viral and sweeps the site. And let’s face it: with 1.23+ Billion users on the site, that’s the potential for a TON of invites to crap you want to use/play.

But the trick to cutting these down (A LOT) is actually relatively simple. It takes a little while to become effective, but once you keep up with it (very easy to do), it becomes EXTREMELY effective at keeping the vast majority of game and app invites away. Continue reading How to Block Facebook Game Requests

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When Gun Control Fails Without Trying

On the 2nd of this month, Moms Demand Action hand-delivered 18,000 signatures to the Fred Meyer HQ in Portland, OR. Their request? To ask Fred Meyer to “prevent” them from allowing customers to openly carry firearms in its stores. MDA also tried this by going to FM’s parent company, Kroger. Kroger owns Willows, Fred Meyer, QFC, Fry’s food stores, Ralph’s, Smith’s, and King Soopers – and as of this year, Harris Teeter.  Continue reading When Gun Control Fails Without Trying

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RIP Ammo Limited Recall (.45 ACP Only)

Just getting the word out there. There is a limited recall for G2’s R.I.P. Ammunition.

NOTE: This seems to be only an issue with .45 caliber Glocks, due to the way the chamber is designed (this is why the recall is “Limited”. It seems the design for the ammo has been redone to account for this, and will ship out replacement ammo, if you send yours back in.

Continue reading RIP Ammo Limited Recall (.45 ACP Only)

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Cisco Learning Funny

Just a quick one, today:

So my classmates and I were in s study session yesterday, and we were discussing VLANs. Specifically, the difference between native and default VLANs.

One student decides to describe native VLANs as “oh, they’re soup kitchens for homeless data packets!”

After I was done laughing, I had to admit, that was a perfect explanation of native VLANs.

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A Response to the FSU Shooting

After my last post was placed on FB, a conversation ensued with on my military friends and one of my gaming friends. And hence, Tim provided me with some interesting information from the FSU School Shooting incident on November 20th, 2014.

But there are a few things that didn’t make it into mainstream media. I’m making this post to follow up on my “Why I Carry” post, linked above.

Continue reading A Response to the FSU Shooting

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Why Do You Carry a Gun, Ryan?

So, I got asked (again) the other day “Why do you carry a gun, Ryan? It’s not like you need one”. And my response to those guys?

True“. But only if you don’t account for the fact that our world takes generations to describe, rather than a single sentence.  “Walking my dog” is not the only thing going on in my world – or yours – regardless of how focused you might be on it.

Continue reading Why Do You Carry a Gun, Ryan?

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SANS’ “Ouch!” – December 2014 Edition

Every month, SANS puts out electronic newsletter on their other site, This month’s topic: Antivirus – Why it’s important, why you need it, and what it doesn’t do. It’s a vital piece of internet safety, but it’s not the only thing you need.

Read the newsletter here:

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Why You Should Drink Plenty of Water

So many people drink soda, or sugary fruit juice, or some other crap.

Maybe you should try this woman’s one-month trial of drinking a gallon of water each day.
Continue reading Why You Should Drink Plenty of Water

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