A Challenge To All My Shooter Friends…

So I came across an article in Active Response Training’s website. The author, Greg Ellifritz, is a professional trainer who has worked with first-time grandmother gun owners to elite tactical units. But this recent article just caught me up short.  And I thought, “what a great challenge to all shooters of any experience”. 

Go ahead. Read that story. We’ll wait.

So I thought that maybe anybody who’s got experience to not be shy and approach the obviously fumbling new shooter, and ask if they need help. That person you help might be a new gun owner, expecting their home to be broken into again.

If you’re in a position to be a good ambassador of Pro-2A to those new, curious, or at least open-minded to the culture, I ask that you do so.

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  • Tim Cotton

    That was a great article. Here in northern Indiana, I attempt to be a decent ambassador from the 2A crowd. I have run across new shooters, even ran across experienced shooters who have had problems. Even though I, myself, am not an instructor, I try to teach some of what I know. And if I don’t know the answer, I help find someone who does. The wife had a particular malfunction with rounds feeding on her EDC. It took me awhile to find the answer, and then some more time to get the information acted upon with actual range time. I try to encourage others to become involved in the politics of gun ownership, and understanding the ethics and morals of being a gun owner. Others can teach the technical aspect, as we have a lot of qualified instructors around here, but teaching the mentality is something that is hard to convey. Although I try my best….I might be hesitant about helping out someone with a gold spray-painted Hi-Point that has Bedazzled Jewels on the slide….