SCAM: “Prince’s Last Words” Video

So, 2016 keeps kicking us all in the nuts with the loss of another great artist, Prince. And while that’s upsetting to many people, including myself, it’s getting worse with assholes again exploiting the grief of the internet. Continue reading SCAM: “Prince’s Last Words” Video

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REVIEW: Holster Carrier

I do very few reviews of any sort. Frankly, there are just too many out there to make it worthwhile to my small reader base. Between Hickok45, Sootch00, TheFireArmGuy and others, there are far better-equipped reviewers. So when I do a review, it’s usually just very personal, and always something that I get my hands on for more than a day or so.

Enter Old Time Leather and HBARTactical, a Colorado-based USMC Veteran-owned business. I was referred to this shop by a friend of mine who also became a customer before I did. I didn’t need a holster for my pistol, but I was in the market for a unique magazine carrier. Continue reading REVIEW: Holster Carrier

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OODA vs. OADA Loops; Keys to Survival

Many people are aware of Colonel John Boyd’s OODA Loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. There are entire books written on the topic. But for summaries, I like the article on The Art of Manliness (relax, the site’s not only for men). Colonel Boyd’s analyses of combat even helped the military recognize the need for maneuverability over speed. This translates to civilian defense in concepts like “Get off the X,” or Mr. Miyagi’s statement: “Best to avoid punch, no be there.”

Well yesterday, I had the fortune to read a blog post by Dan McCormack, author of the Defender Ethos blog. Go ahead and read that article. It’ll probably be better than me merely summarizing it for you. Continue reading OODA vs. OADA Loops; Keys to Survival

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