My Walther CCP – A Review

It’s time for my review of my new two-tone Walther CCP – Concealed Carry Pistol. 

Initial Impressions

The fit of the weapon is superb, if a tad small (the primary reason I didn’t go with the even smaller PPS). But as this is for a BUG and to carry in attire that my PPQ is too difficult to conceal, a smaller size is acceptable. I’ll be carrying this IWB strong side when I can’t/shouldn’t carry my PPQ, and eventually off-hand shoulder holster carry for other times.

The slide is, by comparison to other 9mm pistols I’ve held, ridiculously light and easy. Another reason I got this pistol is a sort of evaluation for my wife. She loves her PX4, but it’s a bit large to hide for her, and an easy-to-rack, light recoil 9mm single stack pistol might be the ticket. If it goes well, she’s already considered buying one for herself.

Also related to the slide, I see no sign of this mysterious hole in the side that I’ve heard so much about.

Walther CCP Inox, Ejection Port Side

Walther CCP, Safety and Slide Lever side

Walther CCP, Locked Open and Cleared

Walther CCP, In the Long's Shadow holster with optional IWB clips.
In the Long’s Shadow holster with optional IWB clips.

I also figured that since my LGS has a 30-day return policy – even on pistols – I could potentially return it within a month and pick up a PPS M2.


  • Great ergos

  • Adjustable rear sight; included front sights for multiple elevations

  • Can get a full grip on the pistol with standard magazines

  • Has a slide lock lever

  • Fantastic concealability

  • Reversible magazine release

  • They had a decent reversible (IWB/OWB) holster from Long’s Shadow Holsters there in the store

  • Fixed barrel for accuracy


  • Mushy trigger; a problem when you’re used to a PPQ

  • Safety lever – a bonus when I’m considering AIWB for it in some cases. I know training can make this moot, but I’d feel better with a safety there, for now.

  • Only two magazines

  • Slide level is only on the left side and is pretty small; will have to practice one-handed slide racking (my favorite is hooking the rear sights on the heel of my shoe.

  • No night sights

Range Day

Since I bought this pistol with the idea that I’d have to trust my life with it, I wanted to put at least a hundred rounds through it on Day 1. Turns out I had 150 rounds in my range bag, so that’s what I wound up shooting.

I was not expecting the sheer heat in the slide and frame. In fact, it got so hot in the front of the frame that I couldn’t even properly index my trigger finger after about 100 rounds. I had to let it cool down somewhat just to continue shooting. Even the RSO that day had to take a look at the pistol as he had some interest in it, and he commented on the heat.

Still, it fired remarkably smoothly for such a small polymer pistol, and accuracy was sufficient. I won’t be winning any accuracy competitions, but I could still put a mag inside an area about the size of a 50-cent piece at 5 meters. The point of impact was about an inch to the left at that range, so I adjusted my sight a little bit after I got home. Haven’t had a chance to test the correction.

In terms of reliability, I had no problems at all. Granted, it’s only 150 rounds, but I plan to increase that round count with some heavy range sessions in the coming weeks.


  • Very soft shooting for its size and caliber

  • Well within desired accuracy specs for me

  • Points very well when shooting off-hand, which I’d used for about ¾ of the time

  • Reloading is surprisingly smooth, especially given that it’s a single-stack magazine


  • Holy crap, that HEAT! I got a minor burn the one time I was stupid enough to rack the slide with the front serrations

  • Disengaging the frame safety is easy with the right thumb, but extremely difficult to do left-handed

  • Slide lock lever is pretty difficult to disengage, but I quickly fell back to slingshotting the slide before I knew it

  • Trigger reset is VEEERRY long; almost the full pull length (this isn’t always bad thing, depending on shooting style)

  • There is ZERO tolerance for riding the slide forward. It seems to fire everything I’ve thrown at it so far, but the slightest hint of riding the slide cased an FTF.

Cleaning and Disassembly

So this was probably the most frustrating part, and it was expected. Ultimately, that plastic tool sucks for what it was designed to do. Mine is starting to strip out, so I began using a thing flat blade screwdriver to disassemble the pistol.

Cleaning was relatively a nightmare. Not due to difficulty, but because carbon was freaking EVERYWHERE. I was shooting Federal American Eagle 124gr FMJ, and it never made my PPQ or my wife’s PX4 this dirty. Not sure if this was due to the type and amount of factory oil on the pistol (I did not clean it beforehand), or simply the design of the pistol and SOFTCOIL system keeping the carbon inside. I suppose I’ll find out on the 2nd range trip, though I so suspect the SOFTCOIL system is the culprit on this. Since I don’t anticipate shooting more than 75 rounds in a single session after my initial reliability testing, this isn’t a problem for me.

I did have a problem this morning resulting in a slide that was stuck to the rear when reassembling. I’d pulled the slide back too far, and didn’t intend to lower it, but did it anyway. The good news is that I learned how to remove the locking catch and spring from the slide.


      • Aside from the use of the tool, disassembly is pretty simple for field stripping

      • A properly-sized brush is included to clean the pistol chamber below the barrel


  • Difficult to take apart with the included tool; I wound up primarily using a screwdriver

  • How far back the slide needs to move (when disassembling and reassembling) is pretty intolerant; Not a lot of room for moving the slide too far rearward.

  • Extremely dirty when cleaning

Overall Feelings

So far, I’m quite pleased with the pistol. I still need to put a couple of hundred more rounds down the barrel to feel totally comfortable with it. I can conceal it under a t-shirt without a problem. Even bending over incorrectly (at the waist), it only barely prints.

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  • AnthonyC

    Nice thorough review. I want a Walther someday but will probably get a mid or full size model.

    • Ryan

      Thanks! If you’re interested in Mid- to full-size, check the P99 or PPQ. The P99C is also a great choice. I carry a PPQ daily, but this CCP is my backup pistol, now.