Gun Grip: How I Improved in Five Seconds

So many would still call me a newbie in terms of shooting. I can shoot my PPQ with nearly pinpoint accuracy, but I couldn’t necessarily put five round in an 5″ circle at 5 yards in five seconds. My second shot would always be super low and left as I slapped the trigger and overcompensated for recoil. But I have a habit of watching a ton of videos, taking courses, and the like. Even the ones who might be hated, because I believe everybody can teach us something. 

So a few weeks ago, I was watching a video done by the VSO Gun Channel, specifically the one called Pistol Hack: Shoot a Handgun Better. In it, he talks about “squeezing the piss out” of the grip with one’s own support hand. I thought this might be my problem, so I decided to try it out on my next range day. Well, it so happened that my next range day was time to zero my new Springfield Armory Saint, so I brought a hundred rounds of 9mm for me to work on my rapid shooting. 

I went from (rapid) double-taps being 8″-12″ apart to both being within the 5″ circle at 5 yards. I’m pretty comfortable in repeating that skill that I’ll try Bill Wilson’s 5×5 drill next time. Hopefully, I’ll have my GoPro with me, so you can see the differences.

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