So one of the latest phishing scams comes from New York. Basically, an attacker sends out an email purportedly from the DMV, saying that you have a short time to pay off one or more tickets before they rescind your driver’s license. 

From our friends at KnowBe4:

Here is a reminder that you need to be alert for fake emails that look like they come from your local police or State Dept of Motor Vehicles (DMV) claiming you have a traffic violation. At the moment, there is a local scam in New York that falsely states you have outstanding violations you need to either pay for or refute, and if you don’t your license will be revoked. This scam may spread to the rest of America soon. Remember that citations are never emailed with links in them, or sent out with an email attachment, and report scams like this to your local police department.” 

In short, I’ve never heard of a DMV in any jurisdiction that contacts customers by email. They only contact people via regular postal mail. Don’t fall for this, and don’t click on any links that claim to be a DMV-sent email.


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