About Me

Hello, my name’s Ryan. I’ve also gone by Cash, JackRock, Jack, JR, Cashhole, and a few others since childhood.

This is my playground, and I use this site for a variety of reasons/purposes. Sometimes it’s a testing site so I can test my customers’ internet connections, and other times I use it to put out computer-related info.

I’m also an enthusiast for a variety of hot political topics. I’m a firearms supporter in all regards, including the right to carry by ALL citizens, even outside their homes, as well as full marriage rights and benefits for all men and women, regardless of whom they choose to spend their lives with.

I spend a lot of time dealing with computer networking and security, so some of those topics are here, as well. Having worked in the IT field for several years, and following the Edward Snowden case and several others, I see a need for greater personal security online, and educating users on how to achieve it.

I’m also into finding my roots, especially of my Scottish ancestry. I’m of Clan Mactavish and have done extensive research to find this out.