PC Shutting Down or Restarting Without Warning

If your PC shuts down suddenly, or restarts without warning, this is almost always an overheating problem. There are many causes for this, but regular maintenance should reduce or prevent this.

  • Clean out the PC tower’s interior
    1. Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area
    2. Shut down the machine
    3. Remove the side panel(s)
    4. Using a can of compressed air, blow out any dust from the case. Pay careful attention to any fans, as dust tends to stick to the fan blades
      • DO NOT use a vacuum, unless it is designed for cleaning computers. Regular vacuums generate a lot of static electricity and this can irreparably damage computer hardware
    5. This process may need to be more regularly carried out if you have pets or smoke regularly around the PC.


  • Ensure proper air flow around the case
    • Some people place towers in areas of very poor ventilation; cool air needs to be able to freely flow into the tower, and warm air needs to have a place to be vented away. In most towers, cool air is brought in the front and warm air is expelled in the rear.
    • Do not cover the intake or outtake vents