PC Will Not Turn On

When a computer will not turn on, the general idea is to “follow the juice”. In other words, check the components along the direction of flow of electricity.

  1. Check the power outlet is working. The easiest way to do this is to plug in something other than your computer into it, such as a lamp, small radio, or even a laptop charger (assuming that the laptop is not the problem PC).
  2. Check to make sure a light switch is not cutting off power to the outlet. This happens at many home offices, and not a few work offices. If this is causing the problem, you may have to accommodate for this (relocating the PC, or simply leaving the switch in the “On” position).
  3. Check the power cable is firmly plugged into the outlet. This is more common than many think. Very often, somebody will accidentally knock this loose with their feet, or pets have pulled on the cable. This may also be how some coworkers pull pranks on people.
  4. Also make sure the power cable is firmly plugged into the PC’s power supply. Unlike many electronics, the power cable can come loose from the computer, and this is intentional to allow for replacing the cable.
  5. With the PC plugged in and turned on, check to see if any fans or lights are running inside. This is easier with some models than others, as they may have clear windows to allow a user to see inside. If your PC does not have one of these windows, you may have to remove a side panel to view this. Be sure to replace it after this step is done! PCs are not designed to run with a cover removed.