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REVIEW: Holster Carrier

I do very few reviews of any sort. Frankly, there are just too many out there to make it worthwhile to my small reader base. Between Hickok45, Sootch00, TheFireArmGuy and others, there are far better-equipped reviewers. So when I do a review, it’s usually just very personal, and always something that I get my hands on for more than a day or so.

Enter Old Time Leather and HBARTactical, a Colorado-based USMC Veteran-owned business. I was referred to this shop by a friend of mine who also became a customer before I did. I didn’t need a holster for my pistol, but I was in the market for a unique magazine carrier. Continue reading REVIEW: Holster Carrier

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BOOK REVIEW – Ghost in the Wires (Kevin Mitnick & Steve Wozniak)

Ghost in the Wires is a fantastic book for, by, and about hackers. And it’s not written to be read just by hackers or computer security professionals, but for anybody who might find some interest in the topic. Continue reading BOOK REVIEW – Ghost in the Wires (Kevin Mitnick & Steve Wozniak)

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