Files I host locally on this server for download.

If you distribute them, I’d appreciate a shout-out to where you got these files.


Software I use(d) as a desktop tech, network admin and security administrator:

  • Secunia PSI (Free)- For keeping a Windows machine patched and up to date with 3rd party software. I’ve tested this from Win7 to Win10
  • CCleaner (Free/$35) – Great for cleaning up temp files, disabling unwanted startup programs, find duplicate files, etc. The free version is usually more than enough
  • Linux Mint (Free) – I use this as my daily workstation at home, and I’ve used the Live DVD option to recover files from damaged Windows machines
  • Let’s Encrypt (Free) – I use this to generate the encryption certificate for, and it automatically generates a new certificate every three months. If you run a personal site, there’s no reason NOT to turn this on! Helps Google rankings, too!
  • DreamHost (Varies) – My hosting provider for this website. They’ve integrated use for Let’s Encrypt certificates, making personal sites much more easily encrypted with very little effort.
  • Spiceworks Ticketing System (Free) – Free even for business use, this software is customizable, comes with a nice built-in web front end, and is light enough to run from a desktop computer (in a server role) if you don’t have too many users.