Firearms and 2nd Amend.

Shooting Ranges

  • The Shootist Pistol Range – This one used to be my local shooting range. $18 for all day (even if you leave and come back), and good prices on plinking ammo.
  • Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center – My current local gun shop and shooting range – just 1 mile from my house. They have multiple types of lanes (a “tactical” bay and a standard bay), a virtual trainer/gaming screen using SIRT guns, a retail shop, and an on-site armorer. I became a charter member in October 2014, a few months before they opened in January 2015.

Online Forums

  • Walther Forums – A forum dedicated to Walther shooters. Walther arms are starting to pick back up in the market, thanks to James Bond using the PPK and P99 so prolifically.
  • OpenCarry – A forum dedicated to openly carrying of legal handguns in all 50 states and protectorates.
  • DefensiveCarry – A forum dedicated to concealed carrying of legal firearms. Also supported by a number of online vendors, and many of them provide a small discount to forum members
  • Colorado Gun Owners – A more local group, mostly dedicated to open carry in Colorado, but some concealed carriers, as well.

Online Shops/Dealers