Abortion and Women’s Choice

Simple. I believe in women’s choice.

I look at it like nature. Animals whose food source is in very short supply will feed the mother, and let the young die. This is essentially because the mother can still survive, can still contribute.

Now, of course, we’re humans, not wild animals. Babies can be given to foster parents, etc. But that still puts the mother – very possible a mother against her will – through a lot of physical and emotional trauma and turmoil. And if you don’t think this is physical trauma, understand that childbirth is one the most painful things a human can endure.

And yes, I am pro-choice, in nearly all things. I belief in the choice of the mother. Pro-lifers say “if we declare a person dead when their heart stops, why don’t we declare them alive when it starts beating?”

But the problem is that’s not true. Doctors don’t call a person dead the moment the heart stops beating. In fact, they only stop trying to revive a person in a few cases – specifically when they’re too tired to continue, or when there’s no brain activity. And even then, medical professionals will often keep the body alive, unless there’s signed DNR orders.

And fetuses only emit electrical signals about 12 weeks. And that’s electrical signals, not actual brain waves that mean thought, until 24 weeks. And generally, after that, the mother rarely chooses abortion – the risks are generally just too great.

And here’s my ultimate argument: if I’m not a woman, what right have I to tell a woman what she can do with her body, especially when it harms nobody else? And if you think that she’s harming the fetus, you clearly didn’t read above this paragraph.