What is “Two Factor Authentication”?

On the heels of last Friday’s post, we’re going to continue our discussion of security. I know that normally today would be “Beginner Monday”, but this is something that ALL users need to embrace – new, intermediate and advanced alike.
If you haven’t already, please read Friday’s post on passwords. We’ll wait.
Done? Got it? Good. Moving on.

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Why all the big Hubub about passwords?

1/5/12 – 45,000 Facebook passwords compromised
2/13/12 – Millions of passwords compromised from Microsoft India’s site
6/6/12 – Six million passwords were stolen from LinkedIn website, compromising these users.
6/6/12 – 1.5 million passwords were compromised of dating site, eHarmony
11/14/12 – Millions of Skype passwords compromised
11/21/12 – One password stolen, causing the state of South Carolina to “lose” tax details for over 700,000 businesses statewide
5/12/12 – Stolen password allows a compromise of 1.1 Million users’ data with Nationwide Insurance
And Experian has apparently had 80+ known security breaches of passwords, causing an ongoing investigation into all three major credit reporting companies.
These are a mere fraction of the ongoing attacks worldwide to online accounts. And these are just a tiny bit of thesuccessful ones. Passwords are big business for the unethical computer geek.
And the weakest link? YOU.

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Monday Beginners: What is a Browser?

Many people confuse “internet” and “browser”.  In fact, many business users of computers seem to not know the term, “browser”.  As a helpdesk analyst, I would frequently ask users to open their browser, and they’d have no idea what I was talking about.  Once I finally explained it to them, they almost invariably respond with “Oh, you mean open the ‘Internet’!”.

No.  I said browser, and I meant browser.  Today’s post is dedicated to answering that distinction.

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